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Turning ideas and products into profitable innovations

Innovation is arguably the most lucrative endeavor known to man. Analogically speaking, it is like “spinning straw into gold” – generating an idea at zero cost and transforming it into an innovation that may return millions  – an infinitely high return on investment!

An idea or invention alone, however, has limited value. To add value, a suitable business model, including a systematic product development process, must be implemented to progressively transform the idea along a value chain into a product offering that is responsive to the needs and wants of the target market. Once developed, the market-ready product must be presented, promoted and delivered to the target market in such a way as to capture value in the form of profits.

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Welcome to !nventec's World of Innovation

We hope to provide you with a resource for invention, new product development & commercialization. 

This website highlights the services we have to offer, the innovation frameworks we apply & some of the results of our innovation efforts.

Product Invention

New Product Development

We invent unique and innovative products with the potential of becoming profitable innovations. Read More...

New product ideas generated internally & those sourced from third parties are progressively transformed into market ready products. Read More..

Product Commercialisation

Innovation Consulting

Innovation Presentations, Training & Education

We commercialize our own inventions as well as inventions or market ready products sources from third parties. Read More...

We can point you in the right direction by designing a roadmap and route to market to successfully commercialize your idea or invention. Read More...

We design custom-made presentations, lectures and workshops to enable you to harness the power of innovation. Read More...

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